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EMetallographic polishing machine MC004 series (polishing/grinding)
EMPD-1 Gold phase sample mill
EMPD-2 Gold phase sample mill
EMP-3A Gold phase sample mill
EMP-2A Gold phase sample mill
EMPD-2A Gold phase sample mill
EMPD-2W Gold phase sample mill
EZMP-1000 Gold phase sample mill
EZMP-2000 Gold phase sample mill
EZMP-3000 Gold phase sample mill
EZMP-1000ZS Gold phase sample mill
EBMP-1 Gold phase sample mill
EBMP-2 Gold phase sample mill
EMY-1 The ground prototype
EMY-2A The ground prototype
EMPJ-35 Metallographic sample mill
EP-1 Metallographic sample polishing machine
EP-2 Metallographic sample polishing machine
ELP-2 Metallographic sample polishing machine
EPG-2A Metallographic sample polishing machine
EP-2T Metallographic sample polishing machine
EPG-2C Metallographic sample polishing machine
EP-2A Metallographic sample polishing machine
EYM-1 Metallographic sample pregrinding machine
EYM-2 Metallographic sample pregrinding machine
EYM-2A Metallographic sample pregrinding machine
EGrinding and polishing dressing
EImport grinding and polishing machine
EMetallographic cutter MC004 series
EQG-1 Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EQ-2 Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EQG-2 Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EQ-3A Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EQ-4A Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EQG-5A Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EQG-100 Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EQG-100Z Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EQG-300 Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EZQ-40 Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EZQ-50 Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EZQ-100/A/C Metallographic specimen cutting
EZQ-150F Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EZQ-200/A Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EZQ-300F Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EZQ-300Z Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EQG-500 Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EZY-100 Metallographic specimen cutting machine
ESYJ-150 Metallographic specimen cutting machine
ESYJ-160 Metallographic specimen cutting machine
EMetallographic Mosaic machine MC004 series
EXQ-2B Metallographic sample Mosaic machine
EZXQ-2 Metallographic sample Mosaic machine
EAXQ-5 Metallographic sample Mosaic machine
EAXQ-50 Metallographic sample Mosaic machine
EAXQ-100Metallographic sample Mosaic machine
ECold inlaid
EImported hydraulic heat inlaying machine
EImported hydraulic heat inlaying machine
EImported hydraulic automatic heat setting machine
EImported vertical heat inlaying system
ERockwell hardness tester
EMicrohardness tester
EVickers hardness tester MC010 series
EBrinell hardness tester MC010 series
EShore durometer/bartener hardness tester MC010 series
EImport hardness meter
EHardness tester/accessories MC010 series
EAutocollimator/flatness testerMC030 series
EDetection and analysis system
EMaterial bubble measurement and analysis system
EMetallographic microscope
EBiologic microscope
EPolarizing microscope/fluorescence microscope
Other microscope (tools/comparison/import)
Electronic universal testing machine MC009 series
EHydraulic universal testing machine MC009 series
EImpact testing machine MC009 series
EThe spectrometer
Elemental analyzer/carbon sulfur analyzer
EImage measuring instrument
EThe projector
EThree coordinate measuring machine
ERoundness instrument
EFlaw detector
ERoughness meter
EThickness gauge
EVibration is
EPetrochemical instrument
EGas detector
EFood equipment
EArtificial intelligence equipment
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EMPD-2W Metallurgical Sample Polishing Machine
MPD-2W 金相试样磨抛机 MPD-2W 金相试样磨抛机 MPD-2W 金相试样磨抛机
EMPD-2W Metallurgical Sample Polishing Machine profile

Product Description:
MPD – 2W metallographic sample polishing machine is the latest research and development of a polishing machine, whole airframe adopts ABS injection molding, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, compared with the metal shell, its appearance is more fluent, beautiful. It adopts Sealed in and out of water structure, water and circuit board completely separated.It is equipped with a super deep - depth grinding chamber, which can effectively block the splash of cooling water and grinding fluid, and more convenient to operate when grinding and polishing larger pieces.The equipment is suitable for precision grinding and polishing of metal, ceramics, rock, electronic device and other kinds of samples, and it has set coarse grinding, grinding, polishing and other functions, replace the sandpaper convenient and quick, with a variety of grinding and polishing options to meet Various types of experiments require grinding and polishing.
Product advantage
1、Adopt integral injection molding shell design
2、Sealed inlet and outlet drainage system
3、Multiple Grinding discs options: 200mm, 230mm, 250mm, 300mm
4、Double - disk single - control double - position system
5、rotational speed(Fixed speed and non-polar speed regulation)
6、Rotation speed mode:Forward and reverse any adjustment
7、360 degrees any rotating faucet
Technical parameters:
1、Machine form:desktop double disk
2、control method:double disk single control
3、speed of grinding plate:With high and low speed and non-polar speed function, high and low speed (600 and 1200 can also be set according to customer requirements) and variable speed (100-1500 r / min speed adjustable)
4、Rotation speed mode:Forward and reverse any adjustment
5、Input power:550W
6、millstone diameter:φ230mm (optional φ200, φ250, φ300mm and other size)
7、Input voltage:220V
Common materials
1、Metallographic sandpaper: 240,600,1000,1500 # (other sizes 400,2000 #, etc.) for conventional metal samples of the grinding.
2、Diamond grinding disks: 240, 600, 1000, 1500# (other sizes 400, 2000 #, etc.) for super-hard material sample grinding.
3、Diamond sandpaper(particle size):45-0.3um(Suitable for super-hard materials, precision grinding and rough throw, such as ceramics, crystal and other materials)
4、Polishing cloth:Woolen, velvet,wool,etc. (for special materials also need to use rough throw, fine polishing and other multi-channel polishing process)
5、Diamond polishing agent(particle size):40-0.5um(A wide range of polishing materials, suitable for all kinds of materials polishing)
6、Diamond suspension(particle size):40-0.5um(A wide range of polishing materials, more suitable for automatic polishing machine)
7、Alumina polishing powder(particle size):30-0.5um(For carbon steel sample polishing)
8、Magnetic mill-discs:More easy to replace the sandpaper polishing cloth.

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